ECO GARDEN, Ekali. Where the city meets nature, in 4 acres, a private residence exterior was transformed into a sustainable garden. Aimed at integration with nature and avoiding any eco cycle disturbance, native plants (thyme, lavender, myrtle, arbutus, rosemary …) were used, with minimal water and maintenance requirements.  Easy access to the garden was ensured, offering alternative routes and visual experiences,  along with opportunities for play and familiarity with nature, for the youngest members of the family. Via successive flowering and perfumes, the garden provides enjoyment throughout the year, while at night using discrete lighting the shapes and textures emerge.To reduce environmental impact, the project used sustainable practices, offering a range of technologies and ecological approaches:

  • Planting arrangement for microclimate control and energy saving
  • Grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting
  • Drought resistant planting design
  • Sustainable drainage systems study
  • Mild interventions of existing topography
  • Maximum degree of planting biodiversity
  • Careful selection of green materials




g. vanis | architecture, landscape architecture & planning