g. vanis & associates founded in Athens the year 1984. Maintaining a steady nucleus, covers the fields of sustainable landscape architecture, architecture, and  urban design. The complexity and variety of projects, demands the interrelation of multifield specialists to cover in detail every parameter of each project .Long experience has proven that for accurate construction, there is a need for both specialized craftsmanship and supervision. With highly trained and experienced technicians working as a team with designers, we build outdoor environments the way they are designed, carefully moving the project from paper to earth.

We provide sustainable design/build services in the following fields :

  • Landscape design for tourist resorts, residences, housing developments, office and special use buildings.
  • Parks, plazas, urban development .
  • Sports and recreation .
  • Green roofs, green walls & facades .
  • Planting and irrigation .
  • Swimming pools ,  spas , waterfalls , water features .
  • Environmental conservation, ecosystems regeneration .
  • Lighting design .
  • Landscape design for energy and water conservation .
  • Stormwater management, infiltration and reuse .
  • Sustainable architecture and urban design .

g. vanis | architecture, landscape architecture & planning