Landscape art gave numerous samples over the centuries, about people – nature relationship.Today this relationship is unbalanced. Our design proposals focus to reintroduce this balance under contemporary sustainability principles. We achieve this through a  sequence of  “designed” interplays with nature. The final form is not an abstract geometry, but an environment that gains meaning by people who use it and the way it protects and regenerates natural ecosystems.Light, texture, and color are the design elements. At the same time, we try to unveil the special character of each site, introducing its micro conditions.Planting besides its aesthetic value is used as a factor who controls the environment. We select plant groups and materials that improve air quality and microclimate, prevent soil corrosion, control solar radiation and heat gain, saving energy.All these compose a design model with aesthetic, ecologic, educational and functional concerns. The application of this model incorporating the specifications of each project ensures the creation of unique landscapes, based on the demands and ambitions of our clientele.


g. vanis | architecture, landscape architecture & planning