VODAFONE plaza. Three office buildings in a U arrangement enclose the open space. A plaza is formed through which employees move. Freeform pathways among planting and water ponds provide refreshing and alternative vistas. Most of the planting was grown in the form of green roofing on the roof of the underground garage. The main problems to be solved were strong winds, atmospheric pollution and limited soil depth.

Besides aesthetic enhancement  green roofs contribute in :

  1.  Improvement of building’s thermal insulation, reducing need for  artificial  air conditioning.
  2. Through photosynthesis plants improve air quality. They also reduce the amount of reflected solar radiationimproving site’s microclimate.
  3. Nature will form an independent ecosystem that will provide home to species indispensable to biocycle.
  4. Storm water run off will be reduced and controlled, saving and reusing it for irrigation.

g. vanis | architecture, landscape architecture & planning